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India's Biggest comedy in Literature! Read, Laugh, Cry (with Laughter!) & Repeat!

    India's biggest comedy in Literature!

Go Clown

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The clown says:

"Some like gold ship,
Some like silver ship.
Your father might like his own ship,
Anyhow, he won't give me any ownership.
Screw this friendship!
But, oh my pretty girl,
Let's board my love ship!"

Best book India-Writer-Go Clown

The audience


Kevin O'Connor, Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency, New York

"What an innovative way to tell a story! I appreciate what you are doing."

Ann Proust, The CHARLOT GUSAY Literary agency, Los Angeles

It certainly has a potential for success!

Farley Chase, Chase Literary agency, New York

An interesting story to tell and there's a lot to like about the approach!

GO Clown

India's biggest comedy in literature

Since time immemorial it has always been a struggle between man and his inner self

This is especially true in these times of Information overload. The way Pi grapples with the inner self in Life of Pi , the fantastic journey of self-realization for Santiago in The Alchemist and the colorful comedy in the Midnight's Children, are all tales that sail in similar waters as the lead in Go Clown whose comedic struggles with his own self are no less than his outside trials.

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